A virtual organization, to provide resources.

All the work is non-profit and are in cooperation with other security groups and professionals, with the help of sponsor companies.


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These are some of the projects I am currently working on:

Canary Collector I runs a numbers of collector who attract various tipology of attacks. Dashboard are in real time, if looks unrechable, wait few minutes as is probably reverting.
Malware Database I run a malware database which focus on performing automatic analysis of certain types of malware in order to find out what it does.
IPs lisTs / URLs list Trough my canary systems I collect and correlate a lot of data. You can find a full list of the ip that are detected and malware crawled
DNS Hosting I currently run an OpenBSD DNS server in the OpenNIC network, DNSSEC is enabled, it supports both DoT and DoH

Tor Relay

OpenBSD amd64 Mirror

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